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Pay Per Click

This is the fastest way to get target traffic to your website. With only a few hours of your time and an advertising budget, you can learn the system and set up your own pay-per-click ads. These text based ads appear on the right side of the Google search page. You choose the keywords to appear in, you write a few short text ads and then specify how much you are willing to pay per visitor. You can normally expect to pay 50 cents to 3 dollars per visitor. A major factor is what your competitors are bidding to put their ads above yours.

Here’s where you learn more and sign up:

Search Engine Optimization

The goal of search engine optimization is to eventually get your website listed on the first page of Google naturally. This takes a few hours a week for a few months to see results. It’s worth it in the long run because it only costs you time. Even when you stop your efforts your site will continue to keep it’s  ranking for some time and draw in visitors. Some factors are how strong your competitors are and that there are only 10 spots on the first page of Google. Here’s the process …

Pricking Your Keywords

It’s important to pick good keywords that you will go after. You want to choose words that people search most often. Only choose a few at first. Use Google Keyword Tool to find words that have high search volume and low competition.

Writing Optimized Web Pages

Google likes to see lots of text added to your website on a regular basis. Try to write an article a week or every 2 weeks. The new page or article should have at least 300 words, include your keyword 5-10 times and include the keyword in the title.

Getting Inbound Links

Once you are adding content to your site on a regular basis the next step is to get other websites to link to yours. This can be a little tricky but it’s the most important factor in getting your site ranking high. Start by asking all the website owners in your network to link to your site. Once you’ve exhausted your network we recommend using the tool Lotus Jump.

Continue adding web pages and adding links to your site on a monthly basis. Once a month put your keywords into Google and see if your site comes up. Also we recommend looking at your website traffic with Google Analytics. You should expect 2-3 months of effort before you see improvement. Also be warned that highly competitive keywords are really hard to achieve and a professional touch might be needed.

Feel free to contact us about doing web marketing for you or with any questions you may have.

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