Can Local Consumers “See” You Online?

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There are people out there right now looking up nearby restaurants on their phone, someone with a burst pipe searching for a plumber on their home computer, another frantically searching for a florist between work and home soon after realizing today’s his wedding anniversary; no matter the scenario, there are consumers all over the place looking for the goods and services you offer via online local listings – are you positioned to take advantage?

Where are They Looking?
The major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing all offer their own local business directories, not to mention the hundreds of smaller, yet still extremely popular, local listing and review sites. Though you’ll almost always be pushed towards an upsell, some more strongly than others, there are many of these sites that allow you to update your listing for absolutely free. It naturally stands to reason that the more of these sites your information populates, the more likely you are to be found, with each and every new listing adding another link to the wide net you’re casting.

For example, Google Places provides plenty of help for you to claim and update your listing with more than simple text, it offers the ability to add pictures, videos and more.

“But, I’m Already There.”
Many business owners find their listing, see the information is accurate and make the mistake of leaving it be. The simple act of “claiming” your listing gives you a boost in the Google seven-pack ranking (the top seven local business results for a particular search), and thereafter every bit of information you add helps even more. In the search engine’s eyes, the more information provided the better they themselves do in serving their user’s experience.

The Local Search Marketing Chess Match
Signing up for the game is just the beginning, if your goal is to then begin improving your rank amongst competitors in search results there are many, many variables to take into consideration. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort and your business thrives on the influx of local clientele, then the local search game can be lucrative for businesses of every size.

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