Our Process

Our Process

Dream the Dream –

What’s your organization all about?  Lay it on us!  We want you to get in touch with the things that inspire you. Why? Because, this is the fertile ground that successful websites grow from. As we often ask, what is your brand unplugged?  Like a great song, your brand should inspire on its own.

Once we have a rich understanding of the hopes and dreams that make up your business, we compose a guiding document we call a creative brief.  It’s nothing mysterious, just good, solid, best practice for guiding a project. This brief will inform the key decisions we make together and will serve as the creative “juice” for our dynamic collaborative efforts.

Deliverable: Creative Brief

Shape the Reality –

After we have the creative brief in hand we begin to make the crucial connections between your goals and the web technologies that will best serve them.  We have a toolbox full of reliable, time-tested, peer-reviewed platforms that can either push web boundaries or steer a more conservative course. During this step we incorporate design principles that result in higher conversion rates and a solid return on your investments. At the conclusion of this phase we provide you with the blueprint for an ambitious yet realistic website; we call it the master plan.

Deliverable: Master Plan

Build the Machine –

Before the ink is dry on the master plan we have already fired up the coffee maker, iced down the Mountain Dew and started doing what we were born to do; build your website!  We work fast to get your site up and running and we keep you involved with the progress so you can give your boss the updates before she even thinks to ask.  We deliver the site on time, on budget and with just the right amount of sparkle; the kind of sparkle that lets customers and competitors know it’s on.

Deliverable: Consistent Progress Reports

Measure Outcomes –

What is the sound of one hand clapping?  What does a great website that no one has ever seen look like?  Like the abominable snowman, vampires, and the fountain of youth, there’s just no such thing.  A great website must be seen to be great and preferably by many, many visitors. In short, without metrics there is no way to gauge success or failure.

We take this part of our job very seriously and we actively work with your team to build an essential understanding of website metrics. We teach you how to read through stats and gain a richer understanding of your customers. We also build a measurement methodology into the site and provide an easy-to-use dashboard to open up a world of strategic possibilities for you and your team. Did we mention that it’s easy?

Deliverable: Metrics for Review

Maintain the Heat –

After your website is completed and the traffic has started building, we provide you with strategic counsel on new, effective ways to use your resources. What can be added? What should be changed? Does the website design need a refresh? What new technologies or interactive elements can be incorporated? Our web designers understand that web design is a fluid, ongoing process and we stay engaged in your project. We provide this information both as an ongoing consultancy and as part of our enthusiasm for your success (your success is our success).

Deliverable: Ongoing Strategic Counsel