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You’ve probably heard of hundreds of online applications that can help you with your small business. And you probably wonder what the heck many of them even do.

Well, here’s a couple that really can save you time and money.

Wufoo and Formstack.

Essentially, they do the same thing; They help you build customizable online forms that become contact forms, surveys, event registration, invitations, and order forms to embed in your website. You pick the type of form, arrange visual elements, and input your required fields. Then, they give you the URL, JavaScript, or HTML to place wherever your clients will notice it on your site.

The result: less time and money spent collecting valuable information from your customers.

Both programs offer instant feedback notifications, build reports and charts, share your data using various platforms, and allow you to add multiple users to your accounts. They both even offer safe data keeping with 128-bit SSL protection.

So if they’re both so useful, which one is right for you? Well, that’s where it gets tricky. Both offer very similar features and options.

The major difference between the two? Integration with external parties.

Wufoo and Formstack both feature integration with online payment systems to allow you to collect payments from clients for products, registrations, and events. It makes life much easier, but pay attention because each authorizes a slightly different list of acceptable parties. Wufoo allows payments using PayPal,, Google Checkout, USA ePay, or FreshBooks. Formstack is set up to integrate with PayPal,, Google Checkout, and First Data.

Furthermore, both form building companies allow integration with other third party applications such as bulk emailers (Wufoo: Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, CakeMail, and Sendloop. Formstack: Campaign Monitor, Exact Target, and MailChimp) and CRM programs (Wufoo: Highrise and Heap CRM. Formstack: Email Center Pro, Highrise, and

So when you’re shopping around for an online form builder for your business, check with one of these great programs. Just make sure to pick the one that uses the same third party platforms you’ve already hooked into.

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