Thermo Studios Newsletter: December 2010

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It Might Be Time For A Website Tuneup

We’ve been building websites on the WordPress platform for years. If we built your site it’s probably on WordPress. It has many great features like being able to add and edit web pages easily but it also needs a little maintenance now and then. WordPress just released it’s newest version 3.0.2 to fix some security holes. We highly recommend our updating services to keep your website software current. This includes updating WordPress, any plugins, and backing up your site.

We’re offering an update and backup package for a 15 minute charge, that’s $18.75. If we’ve worked on your site recently we would have done this automatically but if your site hasn’t been worked on in a while, we recommend this update. Email us if you have any questions or are ready to get started. If you are a little more techinal and want to do it your self, see our video How to Update and Backup WordPress.

Conduct Your Own Web Marketing

We’re giving away a great technique for website owners to do their own web site marketing. We’ve written out the easiest way to get a website higher in the search rankings and get traffic to their site immediately. See our article Easy Web Marketing for Small Business Owners for step by step instructions.

The Season For Giving

If you’re in the giving spirit we’d love a little input from you. If you have been happy with our service we’d really appreciate 5 minuets of your time to give us a review. See our list of review sites where your ratings and reviews about us go a long way.

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